At Australian Financial Risk Management (AFRM) we care about protecting families and businesses. We are passionate about helping people and ensuring they are always protected. We are proud that we are there for our clients in their time of need.

How do we do it?

We get to know our clients and identify what is important to them, the issues they face and the lifestyle implications of something going wrong. We identify potential risks and quantify the impact they may have. We educate clients and ensure they are financially protected both personally and within businesses.

What do we do?

We provide specialist risk insurance advice, selecting the most appropriate risk management strategies for our clients. Established in 1997, we build our advice based on what we know works at claim time, having had more than $155m worth of claims paid out to our clients. When it matters most, we believe that it is our experience that makes the difference.


Our History

In the mid 1990s accounting and financial planning practices throughout the country were grappling with sweeping changes to tax, superannuation legislation, the explosion in financial choices and the growing compliance regime. They were not focused on what could happen to their clients if an unexpected event occurred throwing all their financial dreams into chaos.

Recognising this need to provide quality advice in the area of insurance risk to the clients of these practices, in 1997 two like-minded men formed AFRM and set about forming appropriate business relationships.

Phillip Young, a leading risk adviser, who in 2007 was named Australian Financial Adviser of the Year, and Nicholas Hatherly, who sits on several adviser committees to insurance companies throughout Australia, formed AFRM.

In 2003, Mark Hoskin, an adviser with more than 30 years industry experience, joined the others as a Director. In 2010 Paul Clitheroe’s ipac securities became an active equity owner in AFRM and in 2015 Phillip Young retired, leaving Nicholas and Mark to continue managing the company.

Over the years, the expertise of AFRM advisers in understanding insurance contract definitions as well as their experience in managing claims has become very well regarded in the industry.

Today AFRM is one of the largest financial planning practices specialising only in advice on risk insurance, with offices along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.

It was their passion for helping people by giving appropriate insurance advice that really set the founders apart, and is what still underlines everything AFRM does today.


Our Values

Just as we strive to help clients understand what’s important to them and plan accordingly, we also have a code of values we live by. These values are at the heart of everything we do. We don’t just say them – we live by them.

Our goal is to be able to send a client to any adviser within AFRM and to know they will receive the empathy, respect, consistent service and understanding they deserve. Our test is simple: would it be good enough for our own family?

From our humble beginnings in a small office with just one telephone line to our current standing as one of Australia’s largest financial risk advisory firms, AFRM has always emphasised acting with integrity, establishing trust and keeping our promises. Our integrity is exemplified by the good reputation we have with the accountants and financial planning firms that we have worked for since the mid-1990s.

We try to continually improve ourselves, welcome creative solutions to resolve challenges and take great pride in our work. We champion a growing and profitable organisation and inspire and energise each other to reach our goals.

We lead by example, demonstrating and recognising and rewarding achievement in our advisers. We act as mentor and coach, empowering our advisers and clients to achieve their personal and professional goals.

At AFRM, we recognise the value in working together – capitalising on our diversity, and generously sharing information and expertise to help each other and our clients achieve our goals.


Our Community Values

As well as helping our clients lead happier, more fulfilling lives, we also try to make a difference in the broader community through volunteering, donations and sharing of expertise.