AFRM CLAIM STORIES: 49 year old receives over $1m due to back condition

Posted by Bethany Shaw on 22 November 2016

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claim storiesAFRM helps client receive over $1 million following a degenerative back condition. 

Client situation

Our client is a 49 year old male who was working as a Construction Foreman.

What happened for the client to make a claim?
The client had a degenerative back condition, leading to multiple back operations and then permanent chronic pain, balance and numbness issues.

What did AFRM do and what was the result?

We submitted a claim on his Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) policies, which were successful. This paid him $800,000 which enabled him to be bought out from his shareholding in his business. Another $200,000 was paid to the business to replace lost income.

The client has also been on an Income Protection claim for the last six years, firstly on a partial basis, then on a total basis as his condition worsened. He will continue to receive over $70,000 per annum (indexed) to age 65.

What are the lessons learnt?

Although TPD can be a hard claim to qualify for, it provides vital protection for chronic pain issues that other lump sum covers do not. 

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