AFRM CLAIM STORIES: Female claimant receives $12K after collarbone fracture

Posted by Bethany Shaw on 10 May 2016

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claim storiesAFRM helps client receive $12K after she fractured her collarbone in a bike accident.

Client situation
Our client is a single female in her 30s. She works in a well-paid executive regulatory lead role.
What happened for the client to make a claim?
In November last year our client had a bike accident causing a collarbone fracture.  She required Open Reduction Internal Fixation surgery to correct the fracture. Our client had five weeks off work as she could not drive and could not perform many of the regular duties of her occupation. However, she did not realise at the time that she could make a claim on her Income Protection cover.
What did AFRM do and what was the result?
AFRM held a phone meeting with our client last month to review her existing policies, as we do periodically with all of our clients.  During this conversation she mentioned the bike accident. Our adviser believed that she was eligible for an insurance claim to replace her loss in earnings (and compensate for the reduction in leave balance taken) during this time.

We then lodged a “Specific Injury Claim.”  The insurer only required the x-ray and surgery admission reports to prove the site of the fracture and form of immobilisation. The client received one month’s Income Protection benefit upfront without the need for a regular Income Protection waiting period or to complete lengthy claim forms. After the insurer formally approved the claim the $12K benefit was paid directly into the claimant’s bank account within the week. 
What are the lessons learnt?
Specific Injury Benefits under Income Protection insurance are crucial especially for those who may be engaged in sports or other physical activities.  Furthermore, our client wasn’t aware that she was able to claim until we had the conversation.  This shows the importance of regular contact between AFRM and our clients and the advice that we provide.  

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