AFRM CLAIM STORIES: Mother of three receives $52,500 after being diagnosed with cervical cancer

Posted by Bethany Shaw on 5 September 2016

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claim storiesAFRM helps client receive $52,500 being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Client situation

Our client is a married 45 year old female with three children. She lives near Airlie Beach in QLD where her husband works in a mine.  
What happened for the client to make a claim?
The client had an abnormal pap smear which was then diagnosed as a Stage 2B cervical cancer. The closest major hospital for her is a three hour drive to Townsville where she must go for treatment, having both chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
What did AFRM do and what was the result?
We submitted a trauma claim which was successful and our client received $52,500. The only issue that arose was her doctor had advised she was a smoker. The client’s trauma policy was for a non-smoker as disclosed in her application. This was simply a miscommunication between our client and her doctor. The doctor advised the insurer in writing that he had provided incorrect information and the claim proceeded.

It only took 12 days from lodgement of the claim paperwork to the payment of the benefit to the client, even with the delay to correct the doctor’s mistake.

The proceeds went into a mortgage offset account which gave peace of mind to our client. They also enabled her to pay for natural treatments and creams to boost her recovery, as well as to afford the extra meals out. As we write, her doctors have given her the all clear, but there still are trips to Townsville every 3 months for ongoing check ups for the next two years. She now has a buffer for the future.

What are the lessons learnt?
Having an adviser manage your claim process means that any issues arising are dealt with efficiently to facilitate the claim payment. In depth knowledge of insurance contracts and claims experience are vital to ensure a successful claim. The proceeds remove financial stress and give peace of mind, which aids the recovery process.

A lump sum at this crucial time can help families deal with additional costs involved in treatment, such as having to drive long distances and staying away from home. 

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