Meet Adviser Chris Wlodarczyk

Posted by Bethany Shaw on 4 September 2015

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SetWidth120 Chris2We have a quick chat with Melbourne-based AFRM adviser Chris.

How long have you worked at AFRM? 

I have been working with AFRM since March 2007

What is the most rewarding part of being an adviser? 

Being able to meet someone new every day and have conversations about their life, family and aims for the future. 

Has recent industry debate and change impacted the way you work? 

It has definitely made us stop and think about they way we spend our time each day.  We have reaffirmed our core client services to ensure that our work creates value for our clients each day.  In saying this, I am not aware of a more strongly positioned company to deal with the industry changes. 

What would you say to a young family who doesn’t have any insurance?

I would firstly start with “…is their a need?”  For example, what does their financial situation look like?  What are their short term/long term cash flow requirements?  What are their goals?  Essentially, do they have the financial capacity to maintain their lifestyle and fulfil their goals even in the event of disability or death? 

What do you believe is your main area of expertise within risk advice? 

Claims management – I always bring this up with my clients as there is no tactility to the value of this, until the unforeseen occurs.  This is a mandated service offering for our clients and I cannot stress enough it’s importance.  This is where “rubber hits the road.” 

And, to something more light-hearted:

What is  your favourite thing to cook? 

My cooking prowess extends to either Vegemite Sandwiches, or 2 minute noodles spliced with Tuna.  Outside of that, I can cook you the most economical Spaghetti Bolognese you have ever experienced! 

Where do you like to go on holiday? 

For short weekends away, and originally being from NSW, I like driving out of Melbourne CBD to discover greater Victoria.  However, both my wife and I went to America for our honeymoon (California and Florida).  This has given me a taste for the USA and I would definitely like to go back sometime soon for a roadtrip!  I also want to visit Japan sometime soon! 

If you weren’t a risk adviser, would you most like to be?  

Guitarist in a band or music producer.  If I could actually be someone else, then I would probably pick either James Hetfield or Dave Grohl.



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