Why are claims more successful if you have a good adviser?

Posted by Bethany Shaw on 10 November 2016

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Questions Answered1. A good adviser knows what will work at claim time. Their advice and the policies they recommend will be purely based on this. It only pays to have insurance when it is the right insurance for you. And the right insurance is only right if you make a claim and it gets paid.

2. A good adviser understands insurance contract definitions inside and out. Their claims experience means they can analyse your insurance contract to ensure they get the best available definitions that will work at claim time.

3. A good adviser will ensure you review your policy with them on a regular basis. As your life changes there is a need to constantly review your insurance needs. A good adviser will review your situation to ensure that the definitions in your policies continue to give you the highest opportunity to make a successful claim. If you don’t use an adviser you have a risk that your policy is not right for you and you might not be able to make a claim when you think you can.

4. A good adviser understands the importance of using insurance companies who demonstrate a sound history of paying claims. They will have close relationships with preferred insurers and know the people they will be dealing with when they manage claims.

5. A good adviser will be an expert when it comes to claims. They know the process and what is required to ensure the best claim outcome. They will manage this process from start to finish for their clients and be insistent with insurers.  


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