Cam's approach to risk protection:


“As a mother of two young girls, with a mortgage and reliance on a constant income for security, I know first hand the exposure families have to financial pressures and uncertainty. I am passionate about educating  clients to understand their financial risks and put in place appropriate strategies to provide emotional and financial peace of mind”.


Cam is a passionate and caring risk analyst providing purposeful risk protection advice to ensure that her client, their dependents and/or their businesses are financially protected at a point in time when finances should be the least of their worries.

She works with her clients, exploring with them their lifestyles, their ambitions, and their commitments, and helping them to identify and address their preparedness for unexpected circumstances.

As well as helping to identify the right solution for each client, Cam also clearly explains the purpose and reasoning behind her recommendations, and liaises with insurance companies on her clients’ behalf in the event of a claim, acting as the client’s advocate to provide peace of mind at a stressful time.