Claims Experience

Philip is an experienced manager of client claims having managed over $7.6M in client payments in the last couple of years.  

Philip’s philosophy on advice and claims is: 

As a father of three, with two primary school aged girls, I know first hand the exposure families have to financial pressures. Our advice process helps clients assess the consequences of various events to the family, from loss of income to the dire situation of a death in the family. Any of these events are both emotionally and financially devastating for the family. However, the heart and soul of what we do is managing a claim when it arises. Relieving the financial burden allows the family to focus solely on recovery. This is when clients and their families really need us - and we are there for them."

Get to know Phil

How long have you worked at AFRM? 

Coming up to 10 years in February.

What is the most rewarding part of being an adviser?

Successful claims – whilst the circumstances are generally unpleasant and it can be pretty emotional on both sides, the fact that a risk plan that you worked on with the client, helped get it into place and it served its purpose is a great feeling. No one ever thought the claim benefit wasn’t necessary.

Has recent industry debate and change impacted the way you work? 

No we at AFRM have always held a high standard when giving advice. The current climate only validates our processes.

What would you say to a young family who doesn’t have any insurance?

Get it in place to protect your children’s future.

What do you believe is your main area of expertise within risk advice? 

Human Capital Risk – most business do not understand or acknowledge that without key people, there is no business.

And, to something more light-hearted:

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Ideally immersed in salt water on my surfboard, and hanging out with the fam on the beach. Love my girls!!!

Where is your favourite place to travel to and why? 

Anywhere tropical that has surf. Life slows down, no hassles, no internet/phone and the girls love it.

If you weren’t a risk adviser, what would you most like to be?  

World surf explorer & full time dad (bit of a contradiction there, but….)