Can you help me to work out how much capital is needed for the surviving family members? 

Can you imagine what will happen if a death occurred prematurely in your household or in your business? 

How will the surviving family members cope financially? 

Our role is to:

  • Analyse the assets and liabilities of the family (business included)
  • Seek information from the client and their accountant/financial adviser about what would happen if a death occurred
  • Provide guidance on the amounts of Capital required for the family to extinguish debt
  • Provide the required indexed income stream for the family to live on 
  • Our advice will take into account appropriate ownership, taxation and estate planning measures to ensure the client's policies are structured correctly.

How will I cope if I suffer from a Critical Illness?

The incidence of people surviving what was in the past life-threathening illnesses, such as a mild heart attack or surviving cancer, is increasing but it is without doubt a highly traumatic event and an event that leads people to reconsider their goals, lifestyle and commitment to the workplace.

In such an event a lump sum of capital would be essential to provide for debt reduction, provide capital for unforeseen expenses, rehabilitation costs and lifestyle changes. This funding provided by a Trauma contract can fund an extended period away from work and ensure cost is not a restraint to getting the best available care or treatment.