Claims management: it's what we do

It only pays to have insurance when it is the right insurance for you. And the right insurance is only right if you make a claim and it gets paid. This is why our advice is purely based on what we know will work at claim time for your exact situation. 

At AFRM, we passionately believe that the role of any life insurance adviser does not end with the policy being issued. Our job is to assist you in your time of need and to actively manage your claims for you. We are with our clients from start to finish. 

Different insurances meet different needs for different people. We work with you to identify which insurance types are suitable for your situation. 

We then ensure you have the best policies that put you in the best position should you ever need to make a claim. 


Why is it so important to have an adviser manage your claim?

  • We ensure you have the best definitions in your policies, which we know will stand up at claim time
  • AFRM advisers are experts when it comes to claims. We know the process and what is required to ensure the best claim outcome.  
  • We have close relationships with our preferred insurers. We know the people we will be dealing with when we manage a claim for our clients. We know that they have a willingness to treat our clients fairly and to do what is right.
  • As it is likely you’ll be experiencing a time of distress, we take on the hard work for you by managing the entire process including filling in forms and liaising with doctors and insurers as necessary.


What people have said about us

“Thank you does not come anywhere near conveying the depth of my gratitude. You are AMAZING and your efforts and kindness have helped me through my darkest of days. I really appreciate you going above and beyond for me and I will never stop singing your praises or that of AFRM.” 

- Written on a thank you card to AFRM from the wife of a client following a tragic accident.

“We often say to each other how if we had a claim ourselves, we would like to have AFRM as our adviser.”

- Senior Claims Manager at an Australian Insurer


We have managed $164 million in claims
paid out to our clients.