We really understand the challenges you face and we realise from working with Medical Professionals for over 20 years that your time is precious.  Our aim is to provide you with individually tailored advice within a comprehensive plan.

You have invested many years in your career and it is vitally important that you receive appropriate Risk Management Planning advice to secure your future wealth and estate in the most tax effective manner.

Our advice process can come to you or some prefer to meet in one of our offices so that they can devote time to focus on their affairs.  Our advice process also means that sometimes we need to meet with your accountant and/or financial adviser to make sure all of the financial accounts, assets/liabilities are fully accounted for.  Our analysis is designed to ensure our recommendations meet your overall comprehensive plan and our report enables you to make a better informed decision.

Your patients develop a trusted relationship with you and our clients develop the same trusted relationship with us.  It is important for Medical Professionals to realise that Insurance Risk Management Plans are not static and need constant reviewing to ensure the cover put in place today meet your changing circumstances tomorrow.  We review our client's affairs annually and this is vitally important in the early years as your earnings grow.

While you build a career, we’ll help protect your wealth and your families future.

As specialists in Risk Management Planning, we understand both the unique circumstances of your profession and the opportunities available to you.  We can help you put the right structure in place now to ensure the protection of your cash flow and tax effective management of your business and personal debts.

If you’re already well into a career, we can review your current structure to ensure you’re maximising the available opportunities.