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Special Communique - A note from Acting AFRM Managing Director, Rob Vitnell - 16 November 2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

AFRM passes $200m milestone in total claims paid out to clients

We have often communicated that the primary motivation behind the service we provide is our desire to help people; then help more people.

This has been the driving force behind our team and our business since AFRM was founded 23 years ago.

We are delighted to announce that this month, AFRM surpassed a milestone that very tangibly demonstrates our commitment to always be there for our clients when it counts most ‒ at claim time.

Thanks to our claims management and risk advice expertise, since founding in 1997, AFRM has now achieved more than $200m in life insurance claims payments, relating to just over 700 separate insurance policies, held by about 500 clients.

AFRM’s clients hold a range of life insurance products including Term Life, Income Protection, Keyperson, Business Expenses, Trauma and Total and Permanent Disability.

The entire team at AFRM cannot be prouder. What makes AFRM different to many other financial planners and financial services firms, is that we are purely specialists in analysing financial risk and developing strategies to manage those risks for you. We have a singular focus; a fundamental desire to help people.

We have resisted the trend towards becoming a generalist. The world is full of aspiring “one-stop-shops” these days. Businesses trying to be a jack of all trades and actually becoming masters of none.

We have retained our niche focus on risk advice to help protect families against the unexpected financial misfortune that can occur as result of accident and illness. We help our clients plan for unexpected calamities that may come their way and we stand by them and fight for them if the time comes that they ever have to make a claim.

Through close personal experience we know that when a claim is successful it is more than just our client who benefits. It is also their partners, their children, their mums and dads and even in some cases their business partners, whose quality of lives would have been severely impacted if their financial well-being had not been protected by the financial risk management plans we had helped our clients put in place.

Above and beyond mere financial protection, of course, is the peace of mind and improved medical and rehabilitation support our service and appropriate insurance protections provide.

Collectively, the AFRM Leadership Team has 57 years’ experience working at AFRM. and many of our team members have served with us for well more than a decade. We always put the needs of our clients first and we have a passion for standing by our clients when they need us most ‒ at claim time.

Again, the entire AFRM team is proud of the fact that we have achieved more than $200 million in claims paid to our clients.

Our mission is to protect people from financial hardship when things go wrong and put simply, good advice leads to good claims outcomes. That is AFRM’s customer value proposition.

We look forward to continuing to ensure we help achieve the best possible health and financial outcomes for our clients for decades to come.

Sincerely, Rob Vitnell

Acting Managing Director AFRM.


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