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AFRM company history

Australian Financial Risk Management Pty Ltd (AFRM) [AFSL 237186] was founded in 1997 by Nicholas Hatherly and Phillip Young, and later joined by Mark Hoskin in 2003. With offices nationally, AFRM has established itself as a leader in the Australian risk advice industry over the past 23 years.

While AFRM's founders may now be retired, the unique ideals, values and culture they bred into the business continue to be the company's foundation today.

The core values and principles upon which AFRM has been so successful are simple: look after our clients, our referral partners, and our team; and the business performance will look after itself.


We have always put people before profit. AFRM has a culture of client service excellence and a genuine commitment to helping clients when they need it most.


Accordingly, if an AFRM client needs to make a claim, the company makes sure it is successful. The welfare of its clients has always come first. This is AFRM’s key point of difference.

It strongly focuses on the client, not profit. Nicholas’ belief is that good client relationships and good long-term employees is what ultimately drives growth and profitability.

To date, AFRM has achieved a total of more than $225m in claims paid to clients. This represents more than 756 total claims managed for more than 559 individual clients. Having such a large and mature client base, this claims figure is rapidly accelerating.

The AFRM team has the skills and experience to get the best results for clients. It has close relationships with the Heads of Risk, Heads of Claims and CEOs at most insurance companies.

Accordingly, AFRM has always been ahead of the game when it comes to changes in the insurance sector. It has direct input to product and service design with insurers. Members of its management team sit on insurance company risk councils. AFRM trials and critiques new insurer systems and as such; we help shape the industry. Our focus always being on improving benefits, enabling better claims outcomes.

AFRM’s culture of ensuring high levels of customer service and “100% of client claims paid” approach means we already encompass the customer-focussed ideals that ASIC and other agencies are striving for within the financial services sector.

Put simply, good advice leads to good claims outcomes. That is AFRM’s customer value proposition.

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