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At AFRM, we will always go the extra mile for our clients. We take pride in our expertise in assisting our clients when the time comes to make a claim. But please do not just take our word for it.


Following is a small selection comments from our clients that underscore how important to us it is to provide only the highest levels of professional service and support when you need us most.

Simone is so grateful for AFRM's support with her claim


Simone expresses gratitude to AFRM Director, Rob Vitnell, and his team for managing every aspect of her claim during her illness.

Dr David appreciates AFRM's swift results

Dr David was impressed with how swiftly AFRM pushed his claim through, obtaining an initial payment from the insurer within a week.

Many chartered accountants refer clients to AFRM for risk advice

Jeremy Fox talks about the experience of his clients when receiving Risk Management Advice from AFRM.

Case Studies


Julie's long hard road to recovery

Julie reveals her battle for survival against the odds after the near-fatal car accident that damaged nearly everything in her body from the neck down.

Rick's story

Early in accountant Rick's career he heard the story of a self-employed retailer called Ian.

Sadly, Ian had never established key person insurance, nor put in place measures to protect his wife and family in the event of him ever falling ill.

What happened to Ian and his family continues to haunt Rick, who has been determined ever since to ensure all his clients have the very best financial risk management strategies in place.

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