Answer these questions... find out of your Risk Management Plan needs a review.


We call this your review indicator checklist. It is designed to assist you in identifying relevant changes to your circumstances which may require a review of your Risk Management Plan.

 01  Has your income increased significantly more than CPI?

 02  Has your situation changed with regard to debt? For example, have you            taken out (or repaid) a home / personal / investment loan?

 03  Have your personal circumstances changed? For example, have you recently married or separated, or had children?

 04  Have you experienced any health problems, or been in hospital?

 05  Have you taken steps to improve your health? For example, quit smoking or lost weight? We may be able to reduce costs.



 06  Have you changed employment?



 07  Has your situation changed since taking out cover and would you like to explore other options?
 08  Have your contact details changed recently?
If you own a business:



09  Has your situation changed with regard to debt? For example, increased loans / guarantees or have you sold a previously encumbered asset?



10  Has the structure of your business changed or have you taken any new business partners?

11  Have your business expenses increased, or have you leased different premises?

If the answer is "yes" to any of the above, or you wish to discuss your situation for any other reason, please contact us direct or reply to the Risk Management Review email we have sent you and your adviser will call.